Autism 101 – Conference Materials

We recently held our first Autism 101 Conference for Naturopathic Doctors and Naturopathic students. In an effort to support all who attended in their journey to learn how to effectively treat Autism. We are making available some of the presentations from the conference as free resources to you: Biomedical Aspects of Autism Biomedical Families The A's and ... Read More

Autism 101 Conference

Don't miss our first Autism 101 Conference for Naturopathic Doctors and Naturopathic students. Learn how to effectively treat Autism from Canada's most well respected and trained Naturopathic Doctors in the field. Click here to learn more and register ... Read More

2016 Conference Schedule

6th Annual Biomedical Conference We have an amazing line-up of speakers this year focusing on both treatment of developmental delays as well as prevention and optimizing development. CONFERENCE SCHEDULE ... Read More

Are you pregnant, planning pregnancy or a parent of young children?

  Please join us on June 4th for our PREVENTION OF DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY and OPTIMIZING DEVELOPMENT lectures at our 6th Annual Biomedical Conference.  Lectures include:   The Golden Hour and the first 1000 minutes in Newborn Care; Is it all about Breastfeeding?  Come learn from Attie Sandink, nurse and lactation consultant from Birth and Baby Needs about how to give your baby the ... Read More

6th Annual Biomedical Conference

      This year our conference is offering two seminars streams! BIOMEDICAL TREATMENT of Developmental Delays including Autism, Down Syndrome, AD/HD, Speech Delay and Developmental Coordination Disorder (Apraxia, Dyspraxia) AND Biomedical treatment and therapeutic strategies for PREVENTION OF DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY (Autism, AD/HD, Down Syndrome, Speech Delay and ... Read More