6th Annual Biomedical Conference

      This year our conference is offering two seminars streams! BIOMEDICAL TREATMENT of Developmental Delays including Autism, Down Syndrome, AD/HD, Speech Delay and Developmental Coordination Disorder (Apraxia, Dyspraxia) AND Biomedical treatment and therapeutic strategies for PREVENTION OF DEVELOPMENTAL DELAY (Autism, AD/HD, Down Syndrome, Speech Delay and ... Read More

Autism and Methylation – Are you helping to repair your child’s methylation cycle?

  Biomedical treatment relies heavily on methylation biochemistry for its success.  Some of you may be familiar with methylation and the role it plays in autism, ADHD and Down Syndrome.  For some, methylation may be a new term.  The important thing to know is that if you have a child with suspected or diagnosed autism spectrum disorder, you need to be helping to repair their methylation ... Read More

It’s here – Our 5th Annual Biomedical Conference!! Registration is open!

Click any where on the image to get the registration page! ... Read More

If your child is developmentally delayed, you need to understand more about motor planning.

How’s that for a blog title????? Children diagnosed with autism and ADHD have tremendous difficulty with motor planning.  New areas of research are showing that motor planning problems can be prevented, treated and reversed.  So, what does that mean for your child?  Better communication, less sensory issues (which means more social interaction), openness to new foods, improved eye contact, ... Read More

Dr. David Berger Article

Preconception to Infancy (1) ... Read More

Improving eye contact in children diagnosed with autism

Does your child look out of the sides of their eyes? Does your child watch their fingers while they move them in front of their eyes or tract them along surfaces? Does your child like to watch wheels spinning? Does your child look away from people instead of seeking eye contact? Eye contact is a treatable and reversible symptom of autism spectrum disorder. Impairment in visual ... Read More


It is estimated that 1 in 6 Canadian children has a developmental delay.  The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder has increased over 2000% in the last 10 years.  Up 30% in the last two years alone.  If this isn’t an epidemic, I don’t know what is.  1 in 68 children is now estimated to have ASD.  Parents of young children are alarmed at these rapidly escalating rates of autism.  More and more ... Read More

All your Questions about Biomedical Treatment Answered!

Dr. Sonya answers the most popular questions that are asked by families looking into biomedical treatment.   1.       What is biomedical treatment? Biomedical treatment is an individualized medical treatment program to prevent and treat developmental disorders like autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, OCD, Tourette Syndrome and Speech Language Delay (Apraxia, ... Read More

Sleep disorders affect 83% of children diagnosed with autism

If you have a child diagnosed with autism, or who you suspect is on the spectrum, chances are your child is having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep.  Sleep is essential to support optimal development.  Research at the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute has identified that 90% of children diagnosed with autism have methylation impairments. Methylation impairment can change the way ... Read More

Head banging and autism: Why kids bang their heads and how biomedical treatment can help

Head banging is very common in children diagnosed with autism.  From a biomedical perspective, head banging is considered a sign or symptom of an underlying problem.  Something is triggering the need to head bang.  Children with autism have dysregulated brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that impair their ability to process sensory information.  This sensory processing impairment causes pain.  ... Read More