Autism 101 – Conference Materials

We recently held our first Autism 101 Conference for Naturopathic Doctors and Naturopathic students. In an effort to support all who attended in their journey to learn how to effectively treat Autism. We are making available some of the presentations from the conference as free resources to you: Biomedical Aspects of Autism Biomedical Families The A's and ... Read More

Autism and Methylation – Are you helping to repair your child’s methylation cycle?

Biomedical treatment relies heavily on methylation biochemistry for its success.  Some of you may be familiar with methylation and the role it plays in autism, ADHD and Down Syndrome.  For some, methylation may be a new term.  The important thing to know is that if you have a child with suspected or diagnosed autism spectrum disorder, you need to be helping to repair their methylation cycle in as ... Read More

4th Annual Autism, ADHD, OCD and Tourette Conference

Two weeks ago, Natural Care Clinic hosted our 4th Annual Emerging Trends Conference focused on biomedical treatment of childhood neurodevelopmental disorders.  This blog was supposed to be ready a couple of days later.  A bright and interesting account of what happened during the event.  Well, as you can see it has taken me a little longer for me to write this post.  I have found myself incredibly ... Read More

New research into the macroepigenetic impact of diet on autism

A macroepigenetic approach to identify factors responsible for the autism epidemic in the United States will evaluate possible dietary factors as they relate to the delicate interplay between genetics and environment. One if the authors is Dr. Richard Deth,  neuropharmacologist studying The Molecular Origins of Human Attention. This macroepigenetic study may begin to numbers why the number of ... Read More