Yeast, The Spring and Regression in Autism and ADHD

MORE THAN 50% OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM AND ADHD WILL HAVE BEHAVIOURAL REGRESSION IN THE SPRING DUE TO YEAST    Our youngest has been on a grain free diet since May, 2012, to address a developmental regression he experienced after surgery to correct a severe birth defect.  All told, he has been on 5 rounds of IV antibiotics, in addition to 6 rounds of oral antibiotics.  This kid was FULL of ... Read More

100% Diet Challenge

This year, I have been inspired by a number of families who were able to make the transition to 100% GFCF or SCD. The results have been remarkable so I decided to issue a 2011 challenge to all families doing special diets to GO 100% for 6 WEEKS! Let me give you an example of why diet therapy is so important. Autism, ADHD and other developmental issues are caused in large part by inflammation. ... Read More