Autism Symptoms: Early signs of developmental concerns

As a naturopathic doctor specializing in treatment and prevention of neurodevelopmental disorders; the most important thing for parents to do is to keep track of their child’s milestones.  While all children hit milestones at slightly different times, it is crucial that infants, toddlers and children are gaining language, social and cognitive skills on schedule. As a parent, you never want to ... Read More

Biomedical Update: Autism Research Review

Written by:  Sonya Doherty, N.D. Research has identified a number of metabolic dysfunctions, underlying biochemical impairments and physiological abnormalities associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Leading investigators in the field of autism have a found both neuro inflammation and neuropathological alterations.  Additionally, elevated oxidative stress, impaired methylation and ... Read More

Autism and the Environment: What we know

Written by:  Dr. Sonya Doherty, N.D., Defeat Autism Now! practitioner The interplay between autism spectrum disorder, genetics and environmental toxicity has been the subject of research for many years.  Recently some incredible and disturbing research findings are proving what many have long suspected.  One of the key reasons for the dramatic rise in autism rates in the last 15-20 years can be ... Read More

Older fathers increase risk of grandkids with autism

If you're a man, having children at an older age may put your grandchild at a higher risk of having an autism. A new study, which was published in JAMA Psychiatry on March 20, found that risk factors for autism may increase over several generations "We tend to think in terms of the here and now when we talk about the effect of the environment on our genome," study co-author states. ... Read More

Victims of child abuse more likely to have kids with ASD

Women who suffered abuse as children are 3.5 times more likely to have children diagnosed with autism. ... Read More

Misregulated genes and autism

Misregulation of genes plays a large role in autism spectrum disorder. ... Read More

Autism, ADHD and depression may share genes

Are neurodevelopment disorders and mood disorders linked by common genes? ... Read More

Girls may be protected from autism

Girls may be protected against autism. Researchers suggest extra X chromosome is protective. ... Read More

Pre-natal Folic acid reduces autism risk by 40%

Edited with BlogPad Pro ... Read More

2013 Conference: Autism, ADD/HD, OCD and Tourette Syndrome

SAVE THE DATE!!!!  We are exciting to announce the 2013 Emerging Trends conference will take place on June 15th in Burlington, ON.  One of our keynote speakers this year is Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., FAAP.  Dr. Mumper is the CEO of The RIMLAND Center.  Advocates for Families is her practice devoted to the care of children with autism and other neurodeveopmental concerns.  She lectures ... Read More