Super ASD Multi Vitamin


Putting the Pieces Together

I have developed a unique multi-vitamin for children on the autism spectrum.  The vitamins and minerals in Super ASD Multi-Vitamin are therapeutic and are based on recent research regarding advancement of development.  Super ASD Multi-Vitamin does not contain gluten, casein, soy or corn and is appropriate for use with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet.

Research shows that children with developmental delay benefit from improving nutrient status.  The Super ASD & ADHD Multi focuses on supporting methylation, detoxification and building of key neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.  A regular children’s multi-vitamin lacks the proper amounts and types of supplements to help most children with developmental concerns.  Children with elevated levels of inflammation and environmental toxins need a full B complex with elevated levels of B6 and Mg.  They also need vitamin A, D and C as well as selenium to help protect and repair their cells, especially in the brain.

A good multi-vitamin and mineral support is an important first step to supporting biomedical treatment.  The liver has 7 different detoxification pathways that need nutrients like B vitamins to help remove harmful substances from the body.  Mounting evidence is pointing to autism, PDD and ADHD being associated with elevated levels of harmful substances like pesticides, bisphenol A, dioxin, heavy metals, PCBs and fire retardants.  In order to protect the body, a child needs the right amounts of nutrients which is often higher than a healthy adult.

Many physiological states require supplementation with extra vitamins and minerals.  Pregnancy and cancer are two examples.  We know children with autism, ADHD and PDD have a vast array of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that play a role in their developmental delay and physical issues like immune, digestion, sleep and skin problems.  A multi geared to children with autism and ADHD must have higher levels of some vitamins and minerals and lower amounts of others because they can be toxic.

The Super ASD & ADHD Multi is manufactured by Douglas Laboratories.