The CORE 4 BIOMEDICAL TREATMENTS are foundational to the treatment of neurodevelopmental delays.  The CORE 4 includes dietary intervention, cod liver oil, a high dose multi-vitamin and methylation support.

After a child has started their recovery process, the 4 PILLARS can be added to help accelerate mitochondrial production of ATP.  Recovery begins when behaviours reduce, sleep improves and overall developmental gains are occurring on a regular basis.

The 4 PILLARS are considered “language accelerators” because, once healed, a child’s gut can absorb more powerful mitochondrial supports which leads to significant improvements in expressive communication.  For children who are non-speaking, the mitochondrial production of ATP is essential to support non-verbal communication including the motor planning needed to communicate with RPM, sign language, PECS or a communication app.

Super K

Super K contains all 8 forms of vitamin E (mixed tocopherols), 4 tocotrienols and vitamin K.  This product is based on the research of Dr. Claudia Morris, MD.  See the summary in handout “The Best Dypraxia Program Ever”.  Dr. Morris identified that many children diagnosed with autism need 100 mg to 300 mg per kg of vitamin E daily.  For example, a child who weighs 25 kg would need 2500 mg to 7500 mg daily!  Vitamin K supplementation is essential when using high dose vitamin E to ensure long-term safety.  Dr. Morris’ research reflects the ONLY medical treatment of apraxia and dyspraxia in the world.  Apraxia and dyspraxia are disorders of motor planning.

Super K helps significantly improve motor planning, verbal communication including articulation and clarity and sensory integration. Motor planning is essential for non-verbal communication, visual processing and social interaction.

The most common dose is 2 teaspoons daily (follow the dose on your child’s protocol). A tub of Super K will last approximately one month.

Super K, like Spectrum Complete and other high dose multi-vitamin DO NOT TASTE GOOD.  It is really important to give these supplements daily to maximize biomedical treatment success.

See the handout HOW TO GET SUPPS IN for ideas or email our clinic for suggestions on getting kids to tak “gross” tasting supplements.

Super K

Omega 6 Oil (GLA)

Omega 6 contains GLA, which is very important to help maximize your child’s motor skills – both gross motor and fine motor skills.  GLA helps improve language, articulation, clarity and gut motility for children with fecal loading). GLA is most effective when combined with high dose B6 – which is in Spectrum Complete / Spectrum Solutions products.  If you are using another high dose multi-vitamin, you may need to add additional B6 to maximize benefit of GLA.

GLA dose – 100 mg to 300 mg

Food sources of GLA include: avocado, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, evening primrose, borage oil

Supplements options include NFH GLA SAP and Cannanda CB2 Oil.

Acetyl-L-carnitine / Carnitine Tartrate

Carnitine is the shuttle that brings omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids into the cell.  The methylation cycle makes carnitine. Methylation impairments lead to carnitine deficiency. Many children aggravate from carnitine initially because they have fecal loading.  The first step is removing the old fecal matter and as much biofilm as possible. Carnitine can results in significant improvements in social interaction, communication and learning skills.


Phosphatidylcholine (PPC)

The methylation cycle also makes PPC.  50% of the methylation cycle power is needed to make phosphatidylcholine and creatine.  Supplying additional PPC is a powerful support for motor planning.  PPC is part of the “dyspraxia protocol” that helps to improve fine and gross motor skills.  Eye contact and visual tracking is a fine motor skill.  Verbal communication relies on motor planning.  And pointing and using a letter magboard requires motor planning support.  We call PPC “liquid gold” because it is a more expensive supplement but also because the results are so incredible for so many children.

All of the supplements in the 4 PILLAR program can cause aggravations.  These aggravations are almost always caused by fecal loading.  Fecal loading occurs when heavy metals and microbes coalesce into a biofilm that sticks to the gut wall.  If your child aggravates from any of the 4 PILLAR protocols, assessing and treating fecal loading is essential.

The good news is that once your child’s gut is treated and begins to heal, they will be able to absorb the 4 PILLAR supplements which will improve communication, social interaction and learning skills.  Learning skills require ENERGY!  While the majority of our children understand everything that we are teaching them and telling them, impaired motor planning reduces their ability to respond and show us what they are capable of.  Treating motor planning helps to re-connect a child’s mind and body, which improves quality of life and developmental potential.

PPC - Phosphatidylcholine